Latest Updates: 11/17/2023

Files updated.


Preregistration for Stop 4 is now open.

 SSJBA — SSJBA- Stop 4(Strikerz Entertainment Center) (corsizio.com)


    Regarding the Don Dupree Sr Challenge, bowlers required to move divisions after Stop 3 will represent thier division that they participated in at that Stop.  This was something not considere previously.  So if a top bowler was in Minors at Stop 3 but volunteered or was required to move to Classic, they are still elligible for the Challenge in Minors for Stop 3 but are not elligible for Classic in Stop 4. They would be elligible in Stop 4 as a Classic bowler if the are not advancing from Stop 3. 


How about those spares!  after 3 Stops (with below average attendence) we have a totl of 17 clean games.  Compare that to 20 total last season.  Keep up the good work! 


Schedue update.  All centers are confirmed.  Check out our flyer!  Just click on schedule above and you can download the pdf schedule. There are so many improvement going on!  We will share the details later but for now check out the available information on the site and let us know your thoughts.

  • Tournament fee is $80
    • $25 - Lineage
    • $20 - Scholarship
    • $27 - Jr Gold 1:7
    • $5   - Super Bowl Fund
    • $3   - Admin

  • Special Event!!!
    • Stop 3 and Stop 4 will be at centers owned and operated by Don and Greg Dupree.  We have put together a special event that includes both Stops and we are calling it the Don Dupree Sr Challenge in honor and memory of thier father.
    • Here's how it will tenatively work.
    • At Stop 4 we will identify the bowler finishing highest in all 3 SSJBA divisions and that participated in both Stops 3 and 4.  
    • At the conclusion of Stop 4, we will identify the bowler finishing highest in all 3 divisions, that also participated in Stop 3 and is not already qualified in Stop 3.
    • We will take the 2 qualified bowlers from each division and have a head-to-head 2 game total pin competition.  
    • The Duprees will select or create ANY oil pattern for this competition. There will be a 10 minute practice and surface adjustments will be allowed until the the first bowler throws thier first shot. The Pro shop will not be available, only hand adjustments by the bowler. Parents can advise.
    • We are still working on the prize but I am currently leaning towards $150 scholarship and a take-home trophy.   
    • If you have any questions or input, contact Ed Bakle.


  • Our 44th season!!!
  • SSJBA is once again adapting.  We are going to see many changes  starting in the new season.
  • For now, we will move to 9 reglar season tournaments and a Super Bowl.
  • The season will start September 9th in Montgomery, Alabama and be on the second Saturday of the month.
  • We will become an automatic Junior Gold qualifier which means it is no longer an optional event. It also means our entry cost is increasing.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting changes!
  • A must read, The Creation of SSBA can be found under the About folder.
  • I hope to get some insight from other bowlers and directors on our history.  
  • REMINDER: The best way to contact me (Ed Bakle) is call or text (850) 582-4877.  Email edbakle@outlook.com is good but Facebook messanger for some reason, is a challenge and should be avoided.


We thank everyone for their support and particpation!


SSJBA has been utilizing the USBC SMART program since 2016 and has contributed to more than $127,000 in scholarships!  


Did you know?  SSJBA has changed formats several times but the progam started in Arkansas more that 40 years ago.