In the interest of limiting social interactions, SSJBA will incorporate the following adaptations.  Remember, each center may have precautions in addition to these.

1.  The format will be 4 games qualifying on a pair (no rotations). Followed by our normal bracket.  2 oil patterns.

2.  We will use 24 lanes during qualifying.

3.  The bowlers and ALL of their equipment will remain in the setee area, preferably near their pair.

4.  Parents/supporters will not enter the setee area.  We are asking for the supporters to limit themselves to 1 with a max of 2.  Please don't make Ed police this cause he will not be happy doing this.

5.  The bowler will enter the center and acquire a lane assignment; immediatley taking their equipment to that location and completing the entry paperwork.

6.  Yes the entry paperwork will be at each lane to be completed by the bowler.  Leave the papers and payment there for collection.

7.  Parents/supporters will be courteous by only having 1 representative per bowler at the table immediately behind thier bowler.  Sharing is mandatory.  See comment about Ed in rule 3.

8.  Masks?  Yes, but only while you are in the center.

9.  All bowlers are required to make all of their spares.